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A Husky Jackson Project

Jackson is a Siberian Husky, famously known for his human-like antics and dramatic roars. Jackson is a super heavy chewer and is always looking for the next challenege!

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It's a dog-lover thing

As dog parents, we're always concerned of the quality of the products we give Jackson. Dog-lovers know that dogs know the difference. We only give our fur-babies the best of the best!

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When one of us wins, we all win!

What is the husky pack?

The Husky Pack is an e-commerce based project looking to merge Web2 with Web3 through transparency and togetherness!
The Pack's first product is perfect for heavy chewers.

Give your dog a chew that they'll love!

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Owned By The Pack

By being a part of The Husky Pack, you get rewarded with discounted products and other rewards.

The more huskies you have in your pack and the more products we sell, the more you will be rewarded!

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