Frequently Asked Questions

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Husky Pack Yak Chew

Store your yaks in a cool dry place, preferably at room temperature (72 F).
Do NOT store in a sealed container unless it's dry.
Do NOT refridgerate. 

Leftover chews can be stored at room temperature for at least 2 years. In order to increase shelf life of the yak chew, please unwrap and store in a cool and dry ventilated area. 

Bigger is always better!

We suggest relatively bigger chews regardless of the reference chart. 

Yak Chew Size Dog's Weight
Small (1.7 oz) Up to 25lbs
Medium (3.5 oz) Up to 55lbs
Mega (7-8 oz) Up to 75lbs

We only give Jackson the best of the best! The Yak Chews only contain TWO natural ingredients - Milk & Lime. 
We do NOT have any salt and do NOT use salt for preservation (smoke-method).

Subscriptions can be cancelled directly on our website. Just sign into your account and manage your subscriptions. 

The Husky Pack has your back! If you find that your dog does not like these Yak Chews, we will refund you 100% as a satisfaction guarantee. 

Please send us an email at

Husky Pack NFT

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”.
It is a unique digital asset that holds its individual value and is not interchangeable. An NFT lives on a blockchain which is a digital ledger which stores all of the information about the creation, purchase, sale and resale of NFTs.

A very reasonable question to ponder as we're sure you've heard a lot of things regarding the NFT space.

There are definitely bad apples but if you do your due dillegence, you'll notice there are projects out there that operate like a business and have a clear-cut vision.

Always research into a project before investing into anything.

Supply is super limited at 2005.

Check to see if you can mint yours at
You can adopt at husky at