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Small Pack Yak Cheese Chews

Small Pack Yak Cheese Chews

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The Small Pack yak chew is perfect for super heavy chewers (up to 15lbs+). The Yak cheese will keep your furry pack member occupied and happy for hours! These Himalayan yak cheese chews are rich in magnesium, calcium, and antioxidants that your fellow pack member will enjoy.


  • The hand-crafted cheese is smoked (like beef jerky) for 4 weeks with exclusive wood to trap nutrients, enhance flavor and prevent spoilage.
  • Each chew weighs approximately 1.5 oz (Total 3 oz)
  • Promotes Strong Teeth & Gums
  • Chemical and additive free 
  • No Salt 


  • Milk (Yak/Cow)
  • Lime Juice 
A portion of each sale is donated to dog sanctuaries, non-profit organizations, and shelters. 
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The Husky Pack Product Transparency

Yak Chew Highlights

The Husky Pack Yak Cheese Chews for dogs are low-fat, low-carb dog treats that provide a significant amount of protein. They are also rich in magnesium, calcium and other antioxidants. The hardness of our Yak Chews promote strong teeth and dental hygiene.

Your Packmate will LOVE the flavors in these!

Yak Chews are sourced from Nepal. Cruelty-free milk.

Yak Chew Ingredients

Only 2 ingredients are comprised of the Yak Chew

- Milk (Yak/Cow)
- Lime Juice

Yak Chew Scent

Our Yak Chews have a low-odor hint of campfire smell to them. This is because our Yak Chews are smoked to preserve our cheese. Our ingredients are salt-FREE!

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

The Husky Pack has your back! If your Packmate does not enjoy their chew, we'll send you your money back!

The end doesn't mean it's over

The dog party is only just beginning!!
See Instructions below!

Step 1:

Steal the end-piece leftover Yak Chew from your Packmate!

Step 2:

Soak the end-piece in warm water for 5 minutes to soften it up!

Step 3:

Microwave the end-piece for up to 60 seconds. Smell the cheesy goodness as your Packmate patiently waits!

Step 4:

Wait up to 5 minutes for the puff cheeseball to cooldown and then enjoy the cheesy goodness!